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Sunday, 12 November 2017

How to manage your passwords on your iPhone and iPad

Every day we accumulate more and more passwords . A few years ago the management was relatively simple, since we just put a simple code and that's it. Now there are pages that ask for passwords that include uppercase, lowercase, a symbol , etc ... And the head no longer gives for more.

 Fortunately there is an app that integrates with our Safari browser on the iPhone, iPad or iPod that manages to automate this. We talk about the 1Password application.

1Password is one of the best and safest password management tools for iOS. It saves all the access data in one place and they are synchronized through all your connected iOS and MacOS devices. The best feature of 1Password is that you can enter your access data in a web page automatically . All you have to do is select the boot item to be used.

How to integrate 1password with Safari

    Download and install the app from the Apple App Store, the App Store.
    Once this is done, go to Safari, and at the bottom and click on the square with arrow, go to Mas and in Activities, add 1password.

As we have seen, it is that easy to integrate this app with Safari , so that your access data can be entered automatically. When you are on a page that has an access form, you will only have to do the following:

How to manage your passwords on your iPhone and iPad

    Open the Safari browser, go to the bottom and press the square with arrow (Share on sheets).
    Tap 1Password. Next, select the login element you are going to use. 1Password will automatically provide you with the entry with your username, email and password in the access form.

As you can see, there are many extensions in Safari that will help us make our iOS experience much more comfortable . Remember to follow us and comment. We will wait for you!

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