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Saturday, 18 November 2017

How to protect your WhatsApp if your iPhone is stolen

That they steal your iPhone is a real job , that they tell me what happened to me this spring. It is no longer the material value of your terminal, which is a lot, it is all the personal information it contains (contacts, emails, photos, videos, documents, etc.) and to which the thieves may have access.

First of all remember : if your iPhone is stolen, you should follow these steps and if you are afraid, these are the possibilities that thieves have with him .

Inside the private and confidential information we find the apps and their content, especially WhatsApp. In the app owned by Mark Zuckerberg we found long personal conversations, photos, videos, audios ... And if we are robbed, in addition to the disgust and loss, we could suffer some type of extortion if they manage to access the information.
How to deactivate your WhatsApp account

To avoid this, we must disable WhatsApp remotely . The procedure to deactivate your WhatsApp account is very simple and easy, because you can go back to WhatsApp.

1) The first thing you have to do is send an email to the WhatsApp technical service. Your email is:
2) In the email, you must put the following: in the subject "stolen / lost phone: Please deactivate my account". In the body of the message you will have to write your phone number in the international format, which in Spain would be +34 xxx xxx xxx.
3) Send the email and wait a couple of days .

Although it is not immediate, neither will it be the extraction of information from your terminal, since the iPhone is one of the safest mobiles that exist . In any case, do not worry about the messages, you will continue to receive them for 30 days, more than enough time for you to buy another mobile and see what you have missed.

Do not miss this measure in case you lose or your mobile is stolen .

Via | Andro4all 

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