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Thursday, 9 November 2017

How to record animojis karaoke twice as long

Developer Simon B. Støvring has apparently freed Apple's new Animoji out of his jail cell, which is in the Messages app and takes them to a whole new world. By accessing the private APIs, Støvring has created a separate iOS application that allows users to record Animoji videos of up to 20 seconds in length.

If you spent some time on social networks this weekend or read iPadizate , you may have found at least one instance of Animoji karaoke. The personifying emoji characters of the iPhone X lend themselves to creating interesting, and sometimes absurd, clips .

    something happens to my animoji
    - no way jose (@josejacas) November 4, 2017

The limitation of Animoji lies in how to remove short clips from the confines of the Messages application. The challenge has left some users using the screen recording feature of iOS 11 or QuickTime, and then later editing in a video editing application.

That's what makes the Støvring app particularly tempting. He has created an app that, in his opinion, should have been separate from the first day and allowed him to record longer clips. Støvring's customized iOS application uses private APIs that can access the same functionality as Apple's own for Animoji.

Just yesterday, Steve Troughton-Smith postulated that a customized app focused on Animoji might be possible, and Støvring quickly showed that he did .

    Being that Animoji is just a UI for the private AvatarKit framework, maybe one could make a dedicated open-source app to record karaoke in
    - Steve TS (@stroughtonsmith) November 5, 2017

The application, SBSAnimoji, allows users to easily record and share Animoji clips of 20 seconds. The duration of the recording is a small increase with respect to the 10-second limitation of the Messages application, but Støvring mentions that he is looking to extend that length even further. Unfortunately, the chances of seeing this application in the app store at any time soon are practically nil .

The application uses a set of private APIs that are usually limited to Apple's standard iOS applications. Although the APIs are private, that does not stop the curious developers from looking for them and playing with them . Apple has not yet announced if the Animoji APIs will be extended to third-party developers in the future.

Developers and the curious can load the Støvring app on their iPhone X. The application, SBSAnimoji, is published publicly on GitHub . However, you must have a free developer account .

Getting one is very simple if you follow the steps in this tutorial.

Source | 9to5mac

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