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Wednesday, 8 November 2017

How to remove the notch from the screen of your iPhone X

After a weekend playing with the new iPhone X , it seems that many users and curious are discovering that the notch does not distract much, or even fades . However, if you find that this is not the case for you, there is an option to remove it from the home screen and from the lock screen with a new smart background.

After Apple's September 12 event announcing the iPhone X, there was a lot of noise about the new notch and how everything would change , from development to the end-user experience.

While Apple has received much criticism for this design option without bevel , more and more people discover that it is not as important as it might seem before spending time with the new iPhone. As Benjamin Mayo himself shared today " The notch is the best solution available now for an edge-to-edge phone. It disappears with use . " " I also discovered that after three days, the notch does not bother me at all, but I also appreciate that this is not the case for everyone ." It is also for Alex Huberman.

Huberman shared today on Twitter a new wallpaper that eliminates the notch (at least from its home screen and lock screen) and gives more aesthetics like the one given by Samsung and LG.

Point out that to work as intended, you must set the wallpaper as a still image and also pinch the image and drag it as low as possible. The wallpaper is a modified version of the new red, blue and white live wallpaper that comes with the iPhone X.

You can download the wallpaper here for free . Thanks for sharing, Alex!

    an #iPhoneX wallpaper I made 2 get #notchless homescreen must set 2 still / pinch out & drag down all the way 2 work
    - Alex (@ AHuberman1) November 6, 2017

How is your experience with the notch? Are you going to try this trick? We want to see it in comments .

Via | 9to5mac 

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