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Saturday, 18 November 2017

How to reset the Samsung Galaxy J5 (J500F)

In this tutorial we will show you how to reset the Samsung Galaxy J5 (J500F) and return it to its original state, that is to perform a hard reset of the Samsung Galaxy J5.

With this we will be able to solve any problem with your device or to unlock the device if you forgot the pattern, the pin, the password or you can not access it by your fingerprint ... this is your manual.

Why reset the Samsung Galaxy J5 (J500F) or do a hard reset?

Reset the Samsung Galaxy J5 and reset this smartphone to its factory state, ie, return to the state it was in before the sale is something usual that usually occurs when we intend to:

  • Fix several errors
  • Remove viruses
  • Restore the configuration to the original in the case that there have been errors with an update.
  • We need to delete personal information stored on the device.
  • Delete the files from the device.
  • Intensive use of the device.
  • Etc…

Important note:

Before you start to reset the terminal, we recommend you make a backup copy of your personal data that exists in your Galaxy J5 . We commented to you because as we have already mentioned this method will eliminate all the previous information existing in it.

You can avoid losing files by storing them in an external device or in any other appropriate way such as uploading them to the cloud.

Methods to reset the Samsung Galaxy J5 (J500F)

First method:

  • First thing: turn off the phone using the power key
  • Now press and hold the button: Upload volume + Start + On , until you see the Samsung logo.
  • Then select the "delete data / factory reset" recovery mode in the menu using the Volume buttons to navigate and the Start button to confirm.
  • Select "Yes - delete all user data" to confirm the entire operation and delete the SAMSUNG J500F Galaxy J5 data
  • After that select the option "reboot the system now".
  • Well done! The reset has just been carried out successfully!

Second method:

Start by turning on the device
From the main screen go to Menu and then to Settings.
Touch Backup and reset, and then Factory data reset.
In the next step, select Restart device.
To confirm your choice, select Clear all.
That's it, your team will be with the original configuration.
If you were able to complete the steps of either method effectively, let them know. Otherwise, with more reason you should discuss your problems and we can help you reset the SAMSUNG Galaxy J5 (J500F) efficiently. And thanks for reading!

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