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Wednesday, 29 November 2017

How to reset the Samsung Galaxy J7 (J700F)

How to reset Samsung Galaxy J7 (hard reset)

First, you should know the most common reasons why a mobile is reset:

Cases in which you can completely reset Samsung Galaxy J7:

If you forgot the security code or the blocking pattern,
If you are going to sell your mobile,
If you are very slow, with a virus, or have a lot of information on your mobile
If you want to simply start all over again.
The reset of your mobile can be achieved easily using any of the 2 methods that we explain step by step, below.

First method to reset the Samsung Galaxy J7 reset

  • At first, turn off the Samsung Galaxy cell phone by pressing the Power key for a moment.
  • Now keep pressing all the buttons: Upload volume + Start + power button for a few seconds.

You should save the retained keys when the Samsung logo appears on the screen.

Then select " Delete data / factory reset " in the Recovery mode menu using the volume buttons to navigate and the start key to confirm.

In the next step, select " Yes, delete all user data " to confirm the entire operation.

After that, select the option " reboot the system now ". Your Phone will reboot and be like it left the factory.

Well done! The hard reset has just completed successfully.
Second method to perform a hard reset of the Samsung Galaxy J7 reset

Start by turning on the device using the Power key
From the home screen, go to Menu and then to Settings .
Press Backup and reset and then Factory data reset.
In the next step, choose Reset device .
To confirm your choice, select Clear all .
Success! The full reset has just been made.

Important Note: Keep in mind that in this process you will delete all your files from the computer, therefore, before resetting the device, you should make a backup copy of your important files. You must also delete or close the accounts of the device to have no problem when you are going to associate an account after leaving the phone as factory.

Tell us how you did with your action to reset Samsung Galaxy J7, and what were the disadvantages presented and how you solved them. Remember that your opinion is very important to us! Thanks for reading!

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