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Thursday, 23 November 2017

How to reset the Samsung Galaxy S6 (G920F) to solve errors

Today we are going to show you how to reset Samsung Galaxy S6 (G920F) and restore the terminal to its factory settings. That is, we will leave the Samsung Galaxy S6 as the first day it was purchased, without any information of yours or programs or applications installed. The Samsung Galaxy S6 is still used by a good number of users despite the arrival of new models to this family.

Most common reasons for resetting Samsung Galaxy S6 (G920F) (hard reset)

We will have to reset the Samsung Galaxy S6 (G920F) or perform a hard reset in case:

  • You have forgotten your security code or the blocking pattern of your terminal,
  • If you are going to sell or give your smatrphone to someone else,
  • If your mobile is very slow,
  • If your phone has a virus and it hangs every so often
  • If your team is overloaded with information and it gets too slow.

Important steps before resetting the Galaxy S6:

If you have already decided to make a complete reset to your computer, you should know that with this process you will lose absolutely all your information, such as agenda, notes, photos, videos, applications; etc. For this reason we recommend that, if necessary, make a backup copy of all your important data, since the information contained in the microSD memory card is the only one that will not be lost.

Two methods to reset the Samsung Galaxy S6 (G920F)

First method:

1.- First, switch off your SAMSUNG G920F Galaxy S6 phone using the power button.

2.- Now press and hold the button: Upload volume + Start + On, until you see the Samsung logo.

3.- Next, select "delete data / factory reset" in the recovery mode menu using the Volume buttons to navigate and the power button to confirm.

4.- Next, select "Yes - delete all user data" to confirm the entire operation.

5.- As a next step, select the option "reboot the system now".

Well done! The reset of the Samsung Galaxy S6 has just been made !.

Second method:

1.- Start by turning the device and restart your SAMSUNG G920F Galaxy S6

2.- From the main screen go to the Menu and then to Settings.

3.- Touch Backup and reset, and then Reset device.

4.- To confirm your choice, select Delete all. That is all!.

Your equipment must have its factory settings restored, and you can start using it again without any problems. !! Congratulations!!

If you have already reset Samsung Galaxy S6 (G920F), leave us your impressions and comments to share your doubts. Thanks for reading!

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