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Thursday, 2 November 2017

How to save all the images of a web on your iPhone and iPad

You can easily save the images in Safari with a touch and hold gesture, but what would happen if you wanted to save all the images on a particular web page at the same time? Difficult, what? This is where a third party extension known as Save Images comes into play, with the peculiarity that it is also free.

With the push of a button, the extension finds all the images that are on the page and allows you to save all or some of them on your iPhone.

Save Images is an extension of Safari that allows you to do this task , which is often necessary. Some of the types of images that it captures are:

Tags "img"

CSS background images (url images or embedded base64 encoded images);

Label "meta" = label "og: image" (usually contains the main image of the web page).

Before saving an image, you can see the image extension (MIME type), the resolution of the pixel and the size of the data . The Zooming option is also available.

The extension also provides the usual "export" actions, such as copying to the clipboard, adding to the reading list, etc.

Some shortcuts are very useful, such as pressing the image or the URL for a long time to copy them to the clipboard.

The application itself provides a tutorial on how to use the extension and configuration of the extension (last screenshot).

After downloading the extension from the App Store, go to the website that has the images you want to download.

Next, open the iOS action sheet and touch the Save Images extension . You will find and display all the images that are available on that page. Touch Select in the upper right corner, choose the images you want to save and then press the Save button. All the selected images will be saved in the Photos application of your iPhone or iPad .

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 Save Images - Downloader for Safari
Save Images - Downloader for Safari

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