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Sunday, 5 November 2017

How to see the battery percentage of your new iPhone X

The new iPhone X from Apple has really strange things ... First of all, the smartphone has replaced the security of Touch ID with the risky Face ID technology. Secondly, it has a very peculiar design with a controversial frame located in the upper front part of its OLED screen. And thirdly ... It does not show the percentage of the battery!

That's right, unlike in any iPhone model from previous generations, there is no way to manually set a battery percentage indicator in the status bar of iPhone X.

Why has Apple done this? It is extremely valuable information for users. Probably because the happy frame of the FaceTime camera and the 3D sensors of the TrueDepth technology for the Face ID recognition system does not leave enough space for all the elements of the status bar.

How to see the percentage of the battery in the iPhone X

For whatever reason, Apple has not included an option in the iOS 11 Settings app to allow users to enter the percentage of the battery in the status bar. But, although the iPhone X battery lasts two hours longer than the iPhone 7, users need to know this information.

But do not worry ... there are three different methods to see the battery percentage of your new and flaming iPhone X. And we explain them below:

Charge your iPhone X

When you start charging your iPhone X, via USB Lightning or through wireless charging, the percentage of the battery will be automatically displayed on the lock screen.

Ask Siri

The second way to solve this incomprehensible gibberish is by asking Siri. You can activate Siri by pressing the side button or using the "Hey Siri" technology. You can ask "How much battery is left?", "What percentage of battery is left?" And similar voice commands.

Use the Control Center

The last method to see the percentage of the battery of the iPhone X is by accessing the Control Center . To do this, slide your finger down from the upper right corner of the terminal. It is probably the most efficient and fastest method.

Video tutorial

Since 9to5mac have wanted to make things easier for you and have shared a full video to explain how to see the percentage of the iPhone X battery.

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