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Saturday, 11 November 2017

How to send large videos on WhatsApp fast and without spending megabytes

What times those in which WhatsApp barely allowed to send files and when it did, you went crazy with the management of the images. Now, it is possible to send photos, videos and documents through the popular messaging app in a comfortable way , although we must recognize that the process becomes somewhat long and tedious when it comes to large files, such as videos.

Our first recommendation if you want to save megas of your rate is that you do it when you are using Wi-Fi, something that is not always possible but that guarantees you a higher speed and a considerable saving of data. But whether you do it or not, then we give you a series of tricks to send videos and other large files optimizing speed and mega.

How to send large files in WhatsApp fast and without spending data

Our first trick is this: imagine that you want to send a large video to one or several people. The best way to proceed is to create a group with ourselves and send the video to that group using the Wi-Fi , so you do not spend data.

Then, you can forward at the time you like the video to the contacts you want, because as it has been uploaded to the server, the sending occurs immediately and does not need to be uploaded again , so we do not spend megabytes either. The same goes for a video as for any other file.

To do this, you only have to click on the file for a long time until a menu appears in which you will see "Resend". Click it and select the chats or users you want to pass it to.

And another advantage, this exclusive of iOS: thanks to the implementation of a new multimedia server for WhatsApp, if you send a file to a contact, you can forward it to other chats even when the upload has not yet been completed .

Via | WABetaInfo 

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