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Wednesday, 15 November 2017

How to send WhatsApp text messages with voice

Everyone knows Siri, but few take advantage of Apple's virtual assistant . And it is that regardless of setting the alarm or call a contact, we do not squeeze all its potential, although we love trying to troll it with stories as curious as the anthem of Bulgaria .

But Siri serves much more, in fact you could get a great game with the star app of any mobile, WhatsApp. Did you know that you can leave your iPhone on the table and ask it to send a WhatsApp message to one of your contacts? Something very useful while we are busy, in the shower, cooking, driving ... hey, remember that you should not distract your attention from the steering wheel!

How to send WhatsApp text messages with voice on iPhone

With iOS 11, Artificial Intelligence of Siri is, worth the redundancy, smarter than ever . In this way, if we have activated "Hey Siri" , the virtual assistant of our iPhone will be able to transcribe our words converting them into text. And without hands!

The procedure is pretty easy. First of all, give Siri permission to access this third party app. We go to Settings > Siri and Search and we slide down, until we give with WhatsApp. We enter and activate Use with Siri .

Now it will only be a matter of invoking Siri through "Hey Siri" followed by "send a WhatsApp message to" and the name of one of our contacts. In case you have several phone numbers, Siri will make us choose between one or the other.

Through the voice, we will dictate the message and Siri will ask us to verify (manually or orally) the text sent to finally send or cancel the message.

It may seem a long process , but it is necessary for Siri to validate the message to avoid errors when transcribing our messages or sending the message to a user. 

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