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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

How to take advantage of fast charging on your iPhone X

Your new iPhone X of more than 1100 euros comes with a charger in the box, but it is not a very good option. According to Apple, the iPhone X (and the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus) actually support fast charging to the point of reaching 50 percent load in 30 minutes . Unfortunately, it's a bit expensive if you want to have those speeds, since Apple does not include any of the things you need in the box.

Actually, there are two ways to charge your iPhone faster than with the integrated 5-watt power charger: the slightly faster, slightly more expensive way; and the much faster, much more expensive way.
True fast charge

If you want to charge your iPhone X at the fastest possible speed, again, that's Apple's claim of a 50-percent load in 30 minutes, so you'll need to use a USB-C cable . Specifically, you will need the USB-C to Lightning cable and a power supply that supports the USB-C specification. Unfortunately, none of these things is particularly cheap .

USB-C to Lightning cable

If you want to get a USB-C to Lightning cable, you will need to buy an Apple cable. There is more to talk about. Apple controls the Lightning side of the specification, and has not yet allowed third parties to manufacture their own USB-C to Lightning cables .

Since it is a cable that will connect a phone of more than 1100 euros at one end and a high-power charger designed to spend as much charge as possible in the shortest possible time of the other, we can not emphasize enough and you We recommend that you go safe and buy the one Apple offers you . Part of a price of 29 euros for the 1 meter, and up to 39 euros if you want the double the length.

Hopefully one day Apple will open the doors and let the authorized and certified Lightning to USB-C cables exist, but for now, this is what there is.
USB-C chargers

Here are some more options, since the USB-C side of things is an open standard. The bad news is that USB-C chargers are still a bit expensive. The other problem is that Apple does not say what the maximum fast charging speed for new phones is , just that it managed those fast charging results with its 29W, 61W and 87W USB-C chargers for the new MacBook and MacBook Pro. Apple's USB-C chargers start at a price of 59 euros, it's probably worth looking elsewhere unless you already have a MacBook.

Still, we'll work under the assumption that you want something in the range of that 29W option, since the iPhone is that, a phone. With this in mind, here are some good options for shippers that will not empty your wallet . Since the USB-C is still a wild west of standards compliance, it is worth checking the reviews and going to the recognized and certified brands. We have not tested all of these, but they are reliable brands and should do the job correctly.

This USB Type C fast charger features USB Power Delivery 2.0 and can charge compatible PD devices at full speed by 5V / 3A or 9V / 2A at 18W Max. It only takes about 30 minutes to load from 0 to 50% the iPhone 8 Plus, or the iPhone X and 100 minutes at 100%.

This second model has intelligent technology: Equipped with an HFC0500 chip manufactured by MPS, a fixed frequency current mode controller that identifies the characteristics of your device . Ensures a faster and more efficient charging recharge.

This charger can charge devices with a USB C port or a Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) port and support up to 45W of power load (PD) for PD- enabled USB-C devices.

Slower, but cheaper

The alternative to fast USB-C charging is to charge through an iPad charger (or really, any 12W charger, 2.4A), to which Apple added support for the iPhone 6. The benefit of this is that these are cheaper, easier to find, you may even have one, and you can use a USB cable like the one in your iPhone X case.

The disadvantage is that while it is faster than the 5W that comes with the phone, it is still not the true fast charging speed that a USB-C charger provides. Think you're going to reduce the loading time from three hours to two.

Here you have many more options, but if you are looking for some recommendations, we have included some below.


This model is portable and compact: It delivers a powerful 2.4A charge packed in a small thumb-sized device for incredible performance. It is compatible with AC voltage 110 - 240V, ideal for home, business, travel and excursions while offering an instant charging solution.

The proposal of MaGeek has two ports: Fast charge 2 devices simultaneously, deliver up to 2.4 Amps in general. Safety is guaranteed: the fully certified design, with industrial-grade components and multiple protection circuits that guarantee the best performance and reliability.

This home charger with USB 2.0 port, 12 watts 2.4 amps, charges 40% faster than with a 5 watt and has an elegant design.

So you know, we think there are quite a few possibilities so you can enjoy the quick charge for not too much money. And hopefully Apple includes a decent charger once and for all , because the 5W seems like insufficient.

Via | theverge 

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