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Wednesday, 1 November 2017

How to translate a Safari website with iPhone or iPad

If we like the safari navigator it is for many of the characteristics that it has, it is simple, versatile, light and friendly to the eye . However, and like everything in life, it can be improved in other aspects.

One of the options that is missed in this browser is the ability to translate web pages automatically. Unfortunately it does not have an extension that does, we talk about iPhone and iPad. But with a simple trick, we can have any website translated in any language in a matter of seconds.

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For this, we will previously use an app called Microsoft Translator .

Microsoft Translator is a free personal application and in more than 60 languages ​​with which you can translate texts, voice, conversations, photos and screenshots . You can even download free languages ​​to translate offline when traveling.

Some of the most important features are these:

• Translations of texts to more than 60 languages ​​for use with or without connection.

• Translation by camera to translate photo texts and screenshots.

• Voice translations to translate speech and a split screen mode for two interlocutors to maintain a bilingual conversation.

To not deviate a lot from the subject, we will show you how to translate any web page on our iPhone or iPad.

-Download and install Microsoft Translator from the App Store.

-Open the application and press the gear icon to open the application settings.

-Tap "Safari Language Translation and select your preferred language.

From now on, when you are in a web page in Safari that you want to translate, click on the icon to share sheet and click on the icon of Microsoft Translator.

And finally the magic is done. The app is going to take care of the whole process without you having to intervene at all .

Therefore, the source page will be translated into the language of your choice . So simple and simple, without any complications. If you liked this trick, do not hesitate to follow our news so much so as not to lose detail of anything. We will wait for you!

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