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Wednesday, 29 November 2017

How to watch television on the iPad (2017)

All of us who have an iPad use it practically for everything in our day to day, but one of the things that not everyone takes advantage of is to connect this device to a television . In many occasions we do not do it because we do not know how to do it, and we also think that there are no simple and, above all, cheap methods.

For you to learn that connecting your iPad to your home television is something of the simplest, we will explain in this article how to watch television on the iPad (2017), through simple forms and in some cases they will not force you to spend a good amount of money that you may not have available right now.

The most optimal way; with an Apple TV 

Undoubtedly the most optimal way to see the iPad on television, and get the most out of it, is through Apple TV . Simply activate AirPlay on the iPad and follow the steps to connect it and start enjoying.

Among the benefits that we can enjoy is the compatibility with services such as Netflix or YouTube , which will allow us to play multimedia content, enjoy compatible applications with AirPlay on our TV, including games, and also use the mirror screen mode that will allow us to see the iPad screen on our TV.

Apple TV | 172.88 euros

The downside is the price of Apple TV although if you want to enjoy the iPad on your TV and many other things, you should not think about the price, something that you will quickly forget.

Using an HDMI cable 

The second option that we will find to see the iPad on television, and that many would not know until now, is connecting using an HDMI cable. Simply have the Apple Digital AV adapter , which is what will allow us to connect our iPad to television, as long as it has HDMI port.

HDMI-Lightning Adapter | 19.99 euros

The AV Digital adapter can be purchased at any Apple Store or at any store specializing in technology. It will allow us to transmit high definition video and sound . Among the advantages that we will find, there is the possibility of using the mirror screen mode, even if the application we are using does not support video output.

Connect the iPad to our TV with a VGA adapter 

There are not too many televisions that have a VGA connector, but if ours still has it, we can take advantage of our iPad connector. With this method we can do anything that we connect the iPad to our TV, except that the sound will not be heard through the TV , but the speakers of the iPad itself. A good proposal can be to connect external speakers to the device so that it can be heard a little louder and with better quality.

Connect the iPad with a composite or component cable 

If at the moment you continue resisting day after day to the temptation of renewing your TV, because yours works or because you have taken care of it, and it is not compatible with HDMI or you are using it for something else, the solution to connect the iPad to your TV pass through using a composite or component cable .

The composite cables, which you surely know, break down the video signal into the three main colors; red, green and blue, while the component cable breaks down the image and then converts it into a single yellow cable, which has the great advantage that it is compatible with most old TVs .

Of course, to resist with your old television has some disadvantage. And this type of connections does not support the mirror screen mode of the iPad, which in short means that we can only use applications such as Netflix or YouTube, with which you can use some of these applications to organize your favorite series , with a quality of 720p .

Component cable | 9.95 euros

Finally you should also know that this type of cables are not available with the Lightning connector. This means that they are only compatible with older iPads with a 30-pin connector, or if we have an adapter or if we buy it for the occasion.

Who has an Apple TV has a treasure 

After reviewing all the options we have to connect our iPad to television, we can only draw a conclusion, and that is none other than the one who has an Apple TV has a treasure . I was never a great defender of this device, because of the little travel it has in some countries, but without a doubt that if what we want is to connect our iPad to a TV there is no better option.

In the drawbacks is undoubtedly its price and as we said the little travel it has in some countries , but with the passing of the months is gaining prominence and features, for the joy of all who have it and enjoy it.

What do you think is the best option to connect the iPad to a television? 

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