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Saturday, 25 November 2017

I bought an iPhone SE in 2017 and I explain why

We are all absorbed with the impressive screen of the new iPhone X , not to mention the powerful processor that incorporate this and the new iPhone 8. The price of the iPhone 7 has been significantly reduced and the terminal still has a power and capabilities very to have in mind, but what about the iPhone SE?

Basically, in the iPhone SE we can see the iPhone 6s but more reduced. This theme of "reduction" is followed at the foot of the letter since it also reduces the price considerably with respect to its superior iPhone 6s . We are talking about a significant reduction: 110 euros less than this, making the iPhone SE a "mid-range" phone within iPhones.

Why should I buy an iPhone SE? 

Honestly and denying what I said in the title of the article, I did not buy the iPhone SE, but if I had to buy a new phone and my budget was sufficient, I would surely choose this terminal . There are more reasons to do it than we can see a priori and if you are already users of an iPhone you will understand me perfectly.

Some of us stayed on the iPhone 5 

Some people do not agree with the new sizes of iPhone, the screen that we found in iPhone 5 models was really comfortable, with just one finger we could reach the entire surface , not to mention the little space they occupied.

The price is also very important, since the new iPhone SE costs you practically half that of an iPhone 8 , what's more, in Amazon we can find it for much less than half and totally new.

The covers of our old iPhone can still be useful 

The iPhone SE recycles the casing of the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s, this means that all the covers of those old terminals will work and fit excellently in the iPhone SE. Not only will we pay a lot less for our iPhone, we will not have to buy a case if we have already had an iPhone 5 or 5s in the past. We can also buy new cases and find much more variety, taking into account that this phone design has been on the market for many years.

The smallest and most powerful mobile 

I have always liked small phones, but many times small is equal to little powerful. In this case, the iPhone SE incorporates everything we found in his older brother iPhone 6s , which means he will be able to take screenshots just like the iPhone 6s and run applications and games without any problem. Of course, we must bear in mind that due to its size, the battery will not be too different from the one we had in the iPhone 5s.

Little else there is to say about this terminal, its price makes it the most competitive iPhone that we can find in the market , yes, with something old hardware and without as many functions as new devices, but with the same operating system that converts to the iPhone on an iPhone. 

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