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Thursday, 2 November 2017

If you have an iPhone X and a twin brother, you have a problem

Throughout these months we have been unraveling the most fascinating technology of the iPhone X : the Face ID . And the notch that has given so much to talk about conferring that particular design to the new Apple flagship allows facial recognition, the technology that has finally superseded the Touch ID.

But it does not have all of them: without going any further we already know that it is slower than the fingerprint . And it would not be his only fault, because although it is estimated that the margin of error is lower than the Touch ID in a ratio that goes from 1: 1,000,000 to 1: 50,000, they have already found their particular kryptonite, the twin brothers .

So if you have a twin brother, be careful with your iPhone X because the Face ID would greatly decrease its accuracy . It is not known how many twins there are in the world, but an approximation ensures that 32 out of every 1,000 people are twins. Therefore, it is not something so dramatic, but it must make you think about it if it is your case.

What if you have a twin brother and an iPhone X?

The people of Mashable have done a study with two almost identical twin pairs and challenge the Face ID. Of course, for the rest of the world they are the same person. In the two tests conducted, the iPhone X has failed miserably .

In any case, we can not say that Apple has not previously warned. In addition, the percentage of twins in the world does something almost residual and remains immune for the moment to cheating through photos or videos , unlike the Samsung Galaxy S8 .

Likewise, the Face ID incorporates intelligent learning thanks to the bionic A11 chip neural motor, with which the iPhone X adapts itself to our changes and enables recognition even if it has half a face covered.

But quiet, in case you have a twin brother and want an iPhone X, you can always use the numeric code to unlock it and save you problems.

Via | Mashable

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