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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

If you like the OLED screen of the iPhone X, get ready for the microOLED

The best on screens we know are the famous OLED. Adopted by many manufacturers, Apple made itself begged to mount it on its flagship device, the iPhone X. But it has entered the big door in this world, because the 5.8 inches of the most desired phone are incredible.

We already know that technology is a non-stop, the heads of engineers do not stop and, due to misfortunes for our pockets, do not stop thinking about new things. And if we talk about screens, a new generation of OLED screens is coming, the microOLED.

The advantages of these screens are multiple, greater energy efficiency, which translates into more time for the battery, improved color saturation and incredible brightness. Another improvement would also be a coup d'├ętat. I would not have to depend on Samsung to produce them.

Apple has been interested for a long time in the development of this type of technology, and in fact acquired in 2014 a company called LuxVue .

At first, there were rumors about whether Apple had problems with the manufacturer of the chips of these screens, which could not produce them to the demand that was expected. Apple also seemed to step on the brakes in Asia to focus on R & D in the United States , in addition to working with TSMC to address the challenges of production.

Maybe when the production is finally normalized, Apple plans to introduce this type of microOLED panels to the Apple Watch, which would spar as a previous phase to introduce it to the following iPhone . It seems that the idea is to be able to produce them en masse starting next year. As this type of screen is also thinner, the thickness of Apple's next wearable could be reduced drastically.

It seems that the way goes in this direction, the next revolution is going to be the microOLED and Apple wants it already. Will we see an iPhone with flexible screen?

Via | idropnews 

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