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Saturday, 11 November 2017

If you sleep face down, you can unlock your iPhone X from the bed

Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, and it usually does so to give us a much better and more comfortable life . The iPhone X is not an exception, it offers all kinds of functions that users can take advantage of for their daily lives.

The truth is that the demand for the iPhone X is being quite high, the smartphone is selling very well. The only complaint of the users resides in the replacement of the Touch ID function by the Face ID recognition system.

However, apparently, Face ID works like a charm. And as we mentioned previously ... their technology makes our lives much easier. So much so, that if you sleep face down you can unlock your screen practically without moving a muscle.

How to unlock your iPhone X from the bed

In this fun tutorial for the laziest of the house we will explain how you can unlock your iPhone X from the bed. If you are like us, staunch fans of technology, the first thing you do as soon as you wake up is to look at your iPhone from the bed ... But why extend your arm when you can simply use your face?

It's a horrible habit, I know, how far we're going to get ... But hey, good luck if you get rid of this bad habit. If you usually sleep on your stomach, or on your side using the pillow, you can unlock your iPhone X.

The Face ID feature of the iPhone X works GREAT even if you can only see half of your face . So all you have to do is stare and when you recognize it, swipe up to unlock the screen.

If you have problems to get it, do not worry, try again with the iPhone X a little further from your face . Face ID should work like a clock.

Source | BGR 

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