Imgur: hacked the data of more than 1.7 million users are exposed -


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Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Imgur: hacked the data of more than 1.7 million users are exposed

Imgur hacked , the popular Imgur image upload and exchange platform, recently announced that it suffered a computer attack. The funny thing is that this attack took place in 2014. Yes, we said recently, it is not that you can say that the news has "flown" ...

As a result of the hacking of Imgur, the data of more than 1.7 million users were stolen. The platform, which currently has more than 150 million registered accounts, clarifies that no personal information has been stolen from these users, since the site does not ask anyone to register on this site or the names, addresses or Telephone numbers.

The company mentions that it was notified of this hacking last Thursday, November 23.

Even though the attack is still under investigation, Imgur suspects that the hackers have taken advantage of an outdated algorithm related to obtaining the SHA-256 that was still being used by the platform at that time.

Roy Sehgal , COO of Imgur , already confirmed that those affected in this attack were contacted by the company. "We take the protection of your information very seriously," the person in charge wrote in the statement sent to users. "We are going to carry out an internal analysis of all our systems and processes," he concludes.

We must bear in mind that the attack went unnoticed for three years. The team responsible for site security finally detected the attack suffered last week, when part of the stolen information was sent to it by email.

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