In Android they have already managed to copy the iPhone X: say hello to the Oppo R13 -


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Friday, 24 November 2017

In Android they have already managed to copy the iPhone X: say hello to the Oppo R13

How much damage the iPhone X has done in the Android ecosystem, it only takes an eye on the web to realize: technologies that emulate the Face ID but with much less precision, desperate attempts to achieve Animojis and worst of all : the most brazen copies of the most successful and iconic Apple terminal . Or else, take a look at the Oppo R13.

You will not tell me they are not like two drops of water. The Asian firm, popular for emulating the devices of the bitten apple, has returned to the old ones in terms of inspiration and is already working on its next big success: the Oppo R13. Yes, if you think it looks a little bit like that, it's because you have eyes .

Oppo R13, the Android X iPhone that has up to notch

A few weeks ago leaked some plans of the Chinese firm where it was a terminal with a notch in the front area of ​​the device that goes without saying, is quite similar in design and functionality than the notch of the iPhone X.

And the last leaks have only confirmed it . It is clear that the photos are not very good quality, so maybe it could be false, but remember that this is not the first time that Oppo does, in fact this is his modus operandi . It is known that in China it is necessary that a mobile phone resemble the iPhone to sell more, so it would be neither the first nor the last brand to launch into the coarse copy.

The Oppo R13 in addition to having a front with almost every screen except the notch, also has a double rear camera with vertical arrangement. Come on, like the iPhone X except for one thing: the logo of the brand is in a striking green color and is not an apple .

In theory, the Oppo R13 would arrive in two colors to choose, black and white. At the moment their specifications and their price have not been filtered .

Via | Gizmochina 

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