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Thursday, 30 November 2017

In China they would work free for Apple

Apple's relationship with Samsung goes beyond technological competition. The Korean company produces the screens of the iPhone for quite some time , and the iPhone X is not about anything new. Samsung exclusively produces the OLED screen of the flagship Apple, which has been an important development for the company of the bitten apple.

However, the Cupertino do not care that Samsung is dedicated exclusively to produce their screens , as Apple's degree of dependence on South Koreans is high in this regard. It has been rumored that the LG company would also produce screens of this type for Apple, therefore they would be willing to come into play more manufacturers.

Therefore, today we have known that there is a Chinese manufacturer called BOE and would be willing to set up in the Asian country two large factories to work exclusively with Apple , to produce the screens of all devices that the brand estimates to mount from here on . The investment would be more than 1000 million dollars and should be able to meet the high quality standards of the North American company.

In addition to this, this company says it would be able to produce flexible screens , which we have already mentioned in a previous article. It could be the materialization of carrying out a patent that Apple has registered since September of last year.

The BOE company even makes a demonstration of how they would fit this type of screens on the iPhone X, in which there would be OLED screen even in the notches , as you can see in the photograph they have distributed. 

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