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Thursday, 9 November 2017

Incredible but true: someone does not like the iPhone X and returns it

Some refuse to accept the changes ... In the state of Florida, United States, a man under the initials SP waited impatiently for the arrival of the iPhone X to the Apple Store.

He had reserved his iPhone X from October 27, just the day that I start the period to reserve the device. Finally the day arrived. On November 3 he was so happy to the Apple Store closest to pick up his terminal. When, suddenly ... he could not believe what his eyes saw.

After a brief time using the iPhone X, this man decided to return it . The reason? This iPhone was not good for his work. So he chose to reuse the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Many do not like the new design of the iPhone X

But the man who returned his iPhone X is not the only one who is not satisfied ... The terminal of the company of the bitten apple has received a lot of criticism from consumers.

Some believe that it is a too expensive smartphone, others think that its design is horrible, others say that the new tactile gestures are not very functional, others miss the physical start button and others say that the upper front frame of the 3D sensors TrueDepth is a scarecrow.

Apple's iPhone X is not as intuitive as it seems, it requires that you employ some tactile gestures to compensate for the withdrawal of the physical start button. So you have to relearn how to use iOS again to operate the iPhone X.

In addition, there is also the theme of the OLED screen. The screen of iPhone X has a defect (completely normal in OLED technology) that makes the most bluish tones appear and the "burn-in" effect , which is very annoying for many users.

Via | Phone Arena 

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