Incredible but true: unlock your iPhone with your ear! -


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Monday, 20 November 2017

Incredible but true: unlock your iPhone with your ear!

We worry about security, this is a truth like a house. Proof of this are the different systems that little by little have been introduced in mobile phones. 20 years ago it was a simple combination of keys that blocked us just the keyboard. Subsequently, the use of the 4-digit unlock code to access the devices became popular.

In 2013, Apple made the leap to the Touch ID , the fingerprint recognition system that is still in effect, and which works really well in most circumstances .

This year the Face ID has arrived, an identification by which the front camera collects 30,000 points from the user's face to unlock it. Of all there are, detractors of one system and another, although we think they are complementary .

Samsung, also incorporates in some models like the S8 the iris recognition, which is a difficult system to replicate. And not happy with that, there is recent research that is working to unlock some devices through sweat .

Biometrics of the ear, so it will be

" An impression of hearing is the most obvious biometric feature to use in the security of a smartphone , or so call its creators. According to them, facial recognition is hampered by the ever-changing nature of expressions , cosmetics, hairstyles, facial hair and the unreliability of light and shadow in the lens.

So they are developing software that can recognize our ear. This system would work emitting a sound, inaudible for the human beings , that when bouncing in the walls of the interior of the ear and returning to the device, they would allow to unblock it.

ou can download the application , for Android and in the testing phase to test it for yourself , although at the moment the results are not very good that is said. Being a test version, it is already known that it does not work as it should.

We are surprised by this type of research, sweat, ear, fingerprint, iris or face and how sooner or later they are implemented in our phones. Everything for safety .

Via | Descartes Biometrics 

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