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Saturday, 4 November 2017

IOS 11.2 Beta 2 arrives to rescue the iPhone X

Not even a week has passed since the launch of the first beta of iOS 11.2, just before the version that finally accompanies the iPhone X came to light, iOS 11.1. Even so, Apple does not rest, and they have already prepared the second version of the beta of iOS 11.2, although this time it has a trick. And is that not everyone can receive this new compilation for a good reason, that surely you like those who will receive it.

In this case, the speed between the launch of the first and the second compilation has nothing to do with being closer to the Golden Master. Normally, when they are finishing finishing the update, they start releasing new versions very quickly. However, the fault that Apple has released this new beta is the iPhone X , which was not compatible with previous versions of the test program.

News of the iOS version 11.2 in its second beta

With iOS 11.2 you can discover some changes and new features for the best mobile operating system in the world, such as new playback options in the Apple TV menu of the control center. In addition, certain errors such as the one that caused the calculator to fail to perform really simple additions have also been eliminated. There is still a possibility that this update will bring Apple Pay Cash, however, it seems that it is dedicated to improving compatibility like HomePod .

Compatible devices and how to download it

Before you try to download the new beta version of iOS 11.2, you should know that it is a compilation for now exclusive of the iPhone X. They probably decided to do it this way to allow all users who have a backup with the beta version to recover their content on their new iPhone. Despite this, the final version of iOS 11.2 will be available to all users with compatible iOS 11 phones.

In order to download the iOS development versions you will need to use one of the following methods. First method, register your device using a profile that you provide from the Apple developer portal. Or, you can register from your iPad or iPhone on the website of Apple's public beta program, which receives the new compilations a little later. In any case, always try to have a backup copy.

Via | MacRumors

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