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Thursday, 30 November 2017

iPhone 6s vs. iPhone SE: Which one to buy?

Let's face it, you want an Apple terminal but you do not like to go to the last one. And that does not have to be bad, you do it because you want a quality terminal more than contrasted or because your budget is not for the work of reaching as high as those of the latest news.

So today we decided to face two phones, one of the year 2015 and another of the next, but with such interesting features that it is well worth a review on our part. We are talking about the iPhone 6S and the iPhone SE and that you can still buy on the Apple website with a 2 year warranty.

Let's start first with the iPhone 6S. Presented in September 2015, it continued with the line started the previous year with the series 6. Available in two models, one of 4.7 inches and the Plus of 5.5. Both are available in capacities of 32 GB and 128 GB and in four colors, pink gold, gold, silver and space gray. They mount the praised chip A9, they integrate 3D Touch in their screen Retina HD, sensor of tracks, cameras of 12 MPX (rear) and 5MPX (front) and the memory RAM is of 2GB.

If we talk about the iPhone SE, it is a hybrid model that has had a lot of acceptance. Its 4-inch retina screen has, for many, the ideal size . Available in capacities of 32 GB and 128 GB and the same four colors as the 6S. The processor is also the A9, does not carry 3D Touch but Touch ID , and the rear camera is 12 MPX and the front of 1.2 MPX, very just but sufficient. Its RAM is 2GB.

We have made a comparative table between the iPhone 6s (not the Plus) and the iPhone SE, by affinity between sizes. Remember that the Plus size goes up to 5.5 inches , but the specifications are the same as your non-Plus model.
iPhone 6s / 6S Plus iPhone SE
Dimensions 138 mm x 66 mm x 7.1 mm 123.8 mm x 58.6 mm x 7.6 mm
Weight 123 gr 113 gr
screen Retina HD Multi-Touch with 3D Touch + 4-inch widescreen LCD Multi-Touch screen
Processor A9 A9
OS iOS 11 iOS 11
Storage 32 and 128 GB 32GB and 128 GB
Rear camera 12 MPX 12MPX
Battery 1715 mAh 1642 mAh
Connectivity Wi-Fi Bluetooth 4.0, LTE Wi-Fi Bluetooth 4.0, LTE
Purchase price 529 euros (32 GB) and 639 euros (128 GB) 419 euros (32 GB) and 529 euros (128 GB)


If you want a small, powerful phone and you can live without 3D Touch , the iPhone SE is yours. It is a great device that is not going to be small in terms of benefits. If design, reminiscent of the iPhone 5s has many fans , including myself.

If you want a little more screen, you will use 3D Touch (are you really going to use it?) And you like more rounded lines, the iPhone 6s is the option to consider . The difference is 110 euros between both models, that if you decide for the iPhone SE you can use them to buy some accessories such as cases, tempered glass protectors, improved headphones or an iTunes card.

What is your option now? 

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