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Wednesday, 8 November 2017

iPhone X and its secret animation

Do you already have your new iPhone X ? Did you reserve it on the 27th or did you endlessly line up on November 3 ? Either way you are a proud owner of the latest Apple . But surely you do not know everything about your new terminal, those in Cupertino love to add small details in their terminals that catch our attention.

If the title has created much intrigue, there is less to unveil this striking animation created to squeeze the gap between the sensor area and the corner of the screen. Something good had to have the ears of our iPhone.

The animations that Apple wants you to know

Apparently Apple has decided to squeeze in its new terminal all the potential of the gap created in the upper corner of your screen. For this they have redesigned the animations of the status bar so that they occupy it from left to right.

    iPhone X (and iOS 11) adds to new animation when turning on Airplane Mode ✈️✈️✈️ pic.twitter.com/ixLiVUAQRT
    - MacRumors.com (@MacRumors) November 7, 2017

At first it was believed that the new animation was only for airplane mode but the same users have reported that this animation also takes place when you connect headphones (in the case that we show you connect some AirPods.

    Same for AirPods (and I'm assuming other headphones) pic.twitter.com/9HZ1hJ5S2a
    - Chris Johnson (@botkillr) November 7, 2017

It's not just in the hole

As we can see in the first video that we share with you, the animation of the airplane mode is also shown in the control center in a very dynamic way, when you deactivate the airplane mode the plane takes a walk through the upper part of the control center .

Apple likes to take care of us and add small touches in its software that make it different, like when we detect that the lock of the screen lock opened or closed when we activated or deactivated it.

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