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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

iPhone X: the most expensive and fragile iPhone ever made

For now, it seems that iPhone X sales are working quite well. In fact, it is possible that they are even doing better than expected at first, since the lack of stock does not give the impression of being as accused as expected. The new Apple phone has become a success able to set a new record in the history of the company. However, not all is good news for this newly launched flagship.

Now that it has been released to the market at last, the iPhone X will have to deal with many of the problems that have been appearing with the passage of time. Some of them, are simply due to a lack of custom on the part of its users, as it can be in the case of OLED screens and their alleged defects. But others are much more important and require more attention from Apple than a support entry on their website or a public statement.

The iPhone X is the least resistant in history

When the new generation of the iPhone was introduced in September, it was said that, despite having opted for the crystal in its design, this would be the toughest created for a phone. However, it seems that Corning owes many explanations to the company and users, because the iPhone X has become the most fragile phone known so far in the latest resistance tests published by SquareTrade.

It's really amazing, after having seen how the iPhone 8 has come out pretty well stopped all these tests. At least, he managed to survive. But to see how the iPhone X is destroyed in that way is something that can not be allowed , so Apple, please, work more on the resistance once, and do not get worse.

Via | MacRumors 

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