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Tuesday, 28 November 2017

IT, the most fearsome clown and the nth iOS 11 bug

"IT" is not just a scary clown movie, it is now part of a new bug related to iOS 11 and later versions of Apple's mobile operating system.

Hundreds of users have been reporting lately about an error that happens to this word in English within the self-correcting functionality of iOS 11.

Remember that this is not the first time that an iOS 11 version suffers a problem in this way . Recently we saw how a bug of the autocorrection replaced the letter "I" by a strange symbol with an "A" shape.

After fixing it, Apple will have to re-launch a new update of its software to eradicate this new bug. Is iOS 11 the software with the most bugs in history?
The new bug of the word "it" in iOS 11

According to some users in the United States, when writing the word "it" (this / it) in the native keyboard of iOS 11, the autocorrect functionality replaces it with a QuickType suggestion that shows the letters "IT".

The really uncomfortable thing about this new iOS 11 bug is that, when you press the space key, the word "it" is automatically replaced with the "IT" suggestion of the QuickType predictions.

The word "it" bug affects any third-party application that uses the native keyboard of iOS 11 and later. Although it is not present in all device models or in all languages.

In the following video you will see the new and uncomfortable bug of the self-correction of iOS 11 in full action, this time with the word "is" (ser / estar):

The only way to avoid this problem regarding iOS 11 and temporarily solve the bug is by entering a text replacement in Settings> General> Keyboard> Text Replacement and / or deactivating the prediction functionality in the system configuration.

Via | Macrumors 

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