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Wednesday, 29 November 2017

I've been using the iPhone 8 for a month and this is my experience

If you say more than a month ago that you would end up being an iPhone user, I would not believe it. In my personal case, I've always had a predilection for mobile phones with an Android operating system, mostly because I'm not willing to spend 800 euros on a product like this, much less the 1100 of the iPhone X. However, I had the opportunity to access a specific offer, and honestly, my previous phone was not at its best .

I came from a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, and I can not lie, I loved that phone, but since the summer began to give me some pretty serious problems, and after some bad experiences with it, I decided to cut to the chase. I sold my phone, and got an iPhone 8 fully insured, which along with Apple's own warranty, allows me not to have to worry about whether it gives me problems or not. That, was in principle the main reason for the change , and this, my experience.
The transition, is it as complicated as it seems?

Leaving behind the reasons why I went from Android to iOS, I wanted to comment on how the change process started at the same time I opened the box. And I emphasize it precisely, because it seemed to me exaggeratedly easy . To move from my Galaxy to the iPhone, I just had to download the "Move to iOS" app from the Play Store, and at the moment when the iPhone asked me to know if I wanted to restore a backup, I followed the steps to take out the transfer.

Even though I had several gigs in photos and videos, messages and contacts in my other terminal, the process took less than five minutes. And all that, with no need to use any cables or connect the phones to the computer, something that saved me a lot of time. Then, the iPhone gave me the ability to install free Android apps that were also in the App Store, although I omitted that. I wanted to start from the beginning.

However, it is still far from being a perfect process. In my particular case, I try to keep all my files in the cloud to be able to access them from any device, but I know that this is not the case of many. And if you have a large music library, as happened to me, then you can not avoid having to go through iTunes , regardless of whether you end up using the iTunes Match or a simple synchronization. In this case, the "Move to iOS" is not so easy.

And then, of course, we have the learning process. Here I am not going to spread too much. Between iOS and Android, there is a world, and when learning to use each system, we should feel a bit lost with the change. The question is, it takes significantly less time to get used to iOS, than to Android. Up to that point comes the simplicity that so characterizes Apple.

The software, a radical change that fortunately has been better. I believe.

If before we talked about the jump from Android to iOS, now it is the turn of Apple's own operating system. And honestly, in this regard, it has exceeded my expectations. As I said at the beginning, if I could, I would have opted for an Android rather than an iPhone. And in fact, at first I came to think that I should return the phone. But it was not until I used the phone a few days that I realized the change.

I had recovered the fluidity that was disappearing with the passage of the months of my Galaxy S7. I was no longer afraid of my phone hanging, and that was one of the main problems that forced me to make the change. And for the apps, not only have I not had to worry about not finding any of the ones I already had, but I 've discovered lots of new apps .

Of course, you must take into account the conditions of my change. I do not know if all the Galaxy S7 were working the same, but mine had already had to visit the technical service. And still, it did not take too long to get back on track. In fact, I miss many functions that had the Samsung phone and I can not find on the iPhone, as the Always On Display , or Edge panels. It was a luxury to be able to access all that information with a gesture.

And there is also something else that I miss, the Google Assistant . Whatever they say, it has no rival, and Siri does not come close to the sole of her shoes. Luckily, iOS users should not have to wait too long to use it on our iPhone, now that it's in Spanish.

In matters of hardware, the thing is too balanced 

Bearing in mind that normally they talk about the leap to the iPhone as if it were a radical leap, I think I should strongly disagree as far as hardware is concerned. In this aspect, the only thing I have noticed is the size of the mobile that is obviously smaller, but that has been a matter of personal preference. I was a little tired of the phablets, and I did not want to repeat with an iPhone 8.

As for photography, I'm very sorry, it's not something that I'm passionate about, and if I have to take pictures or record, I'm one of those who prefer to do it with a good camera. Of course, I must say that when it comes to being used for augmented reality apps, they are really good. The precision with which they scan the space without having a strictly specialized hardware is incredible, and apps like IKEA Place prove it. It seems silly until you try it .

What I can talk about is the battery life and the autonomy of the phone. At rest, the iPhone has no rival . Not even the latest version of Doze can with him. In fact, I am still surprised to see that my phone has more than half the battery at 12 o'clock at night, having loaded it by means of a Qi base in the morning. The days that I fall in the Arena of Valor, if it is more affected, but even then, it continues to win my Galaxy.

In any other aspect, I think it is more a question of perception. Our life does not depend on the benchmarks, and I do not notice that big difference that is supposed to exist between the processors of Apple and Qualcomm. Without taking into account the experience with the software, in the matter of hardware it gives you the same to have an iPhone that an Android. Well, you will notice the absence of the Jack, but thanks to my Gear IconX, it is a change that I have ignored .

Conclusions, an obligatory change that I do not regret 

I will not have enough to say it. If I had depended on it, I would have stayed on Android, with Samsung more specifically, if only for being able to continue having these loyalty rewards that they give with both Samsung Pay and Samsung Members. Especially for the Samsung Payday. But on this occasion, everything was arranged so that it had to change. If the offer of which I spoke at the beginning had not appeared, I would have stayed as I was .

But, after a month using the iPhone 8, I think I do not regret anything. Except the theme of music, the switch to iOS has been the easiest, and I do not lack any app, in fact, I begin to realize how little some developers take care of their versions for Android. Would you recommend your purchase? Only if you really need a new phone, and it happens that the conditions with which they offer the iPhone are unbeatable.

Specifically, because I do not believe that Android users are going to make the decision of their life when changing from a high-end mobile like a Galaxy S7 to an iPhone. And because it does not seem like an important jump to consider jumping from an iPhone 7. If you have an older mobile, and want to spend the last iPhone, personally, I would wait next year before buying an iPhone 8.

And to you, what would make you decide for an iPhone 8? 

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