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Monday, 13 November 2017

Let's dream! This would be the iPhone X Plus

The iPhone X has made a week in stores today, and from the hands of the users who have it we have listened and seen almost everything . Since it is the best that Apple has ever done, from errors in the processing of photographs, wonders captured with these, and how resistant it is to torture .

But as the heads never stop thinking, the Dutch artist Martin Hajek , has designed and rendered an alleged iPhone X Plus. A phablet that would give much to talk about if it were decided to be carried out . The idea is surprising and would delude many of your fans. We already advanced it some time ago.

    September 2018: Apple introduces the iPhone X PLUS! 6.7 "screen but not larger than the 8 plus. Concept renders here: https://t.co/3oGBtyddeg pic.twitter.com/18Ny729sXw
    - Martin Hajek (@deplaatjesmaker) November 9, 2017

This concept of iPhone X Plus is identical to the original, with a longer body. Supposedly it would have an OLED screen, attention, 6.46 inches and obviously, free of edges .

What would the interior bring?

To talk about them would be to think, but obviously we should talk about improved cameras, rear and front . Also, perhaps Apple could have developed an updated processor by then, despite the great reviews and results obtained by the famous A11 chip .

 Prepare your pocket if it is carried out

We know since 2014, when Apple implemented the Plus series in its telephony range, that the difference between the large and standardized model is around 100 euros . In this case, the gap would be greater for a basic reason. Producing a larger OLED screen would have a higher cost , so we would be talking about a possible terminal that would go to 1500 euros.

Now we would like to know your opinion, if you see a possible niche market for this idea or if Apple would finally embark on carrying it out. We await your comments .

Via | cultofmac 

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