Millions of people fall for the new Netflix scam -


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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Millions of people fall for the new Netflix scam

While phishing campaigns of spammers and scammers used to be fairly easy to identify , efforts to trick unsuspecting users into abandoning confidential information have become more sophisticated in recent years.

The latest email scam that circulates on the networks is specifically targeted at Netflix subscribers and is particularly smart, which means it is especially dangerous.

According to a report by Deadline, scammers send emails with the subject "Your notification of suspension" to many people. When a curious user naturally opens the email, he is presented with a link that redirects him to a fictional Netflix page where he is instructed to enter his login credentials along with his credit card information.

The email is aggressively focused on Netflix, with a growth of 110 million subscribers, and as you can see below, it is easy to see how an average user could be tricked into believing that the message really originated on Netflix . The appearance of the email is suspiciously inspired by Netflix and, equally important, the email itself is not suspiciously forceful or coercive.

In fact, the tone and writing of the message are on par with the legitimate emails that subscription companies usually send when a credit card can not be processed.

This is not the first time scammers have targeted Netflix subscribers with a phishing campaign, but this seems to be the most sophisticated and best-thought effort we've seen so far . As a quick example, a similar email that was circulating a couple of months ago seems more openly fake with the title "Off Account!" At the top.

    There's a @netflix scam now happening. Do not fall for it!
    - Jesyka Dereta TV (@JesykaDereta) September 26, 2017

We do not know if this scam will finally reach Spain and Latin American countries, which is not surprising. So the best thing is to always act with caution , your information and money may be in danger.

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