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Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Motorola laughs at Samsung's ad that mocks Apple

At the time of starting a battle, I think that everyone takes into account something very important, the one who gives, receives . That is something that applies to each and every one of the disputes that we go through in our lives, after all, otherwise it would not be a fight. Marketing is no exception, and that is something that Motorola wanted to remind Samsung, after his video attacking Apple and, especially, the new iPhone X.

Those who were the first to eliminate the jack connector of their main phones, have decided to join this war in which the best is the one that mocks its competitors the most. In this case, Samsung and Apple, which are ridiculed before benefits such as MotoMods , which can only be found in Motorola phones. Although it must be said that Samsung and Apple have not even considered trying to face them.

Samsung did not expect much fuss, at least on behalf of its competitors 

At the time, and as we have said before, Samsung decided to provoke Apple with a spot in which Koreans mocked how Apple fans are looking forward to buying their new iPhone. The truth is that the Cupertino also campaigned recently, in which they did not hesitate to laugh at the shortcomings of their rivals. As we said, the one who gives must also be prepared to receive.

Now, the one that has to receive, is Motorola, although I am afraid that in your case it will be a somewhat more complex than with a television ad, in its sales figures . In Lenovo, they will have to work hard to be able to catch up with those they mock.

And to you, what do you think about the Motorola announcement?

Via | UrbanTecno 

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