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Monday, 27 November 2017

Nero 2018 Platinum, everything you need to know about this multimedia editor (video / audio)

Nero 2018 Platinum is the definitive Multimedia tool, and this new version brings us unique functions and styles, showing itself as a true leader in the integral management of multimedia content. Nero 2018, is an ideal multimedia software to record, copy, convert, create, extract, edit, reproduce and transmit all kinds of multimedia content. It also fulfills other functions such as cleaning of duplicate photos, a new vertical edition of video and export of functions, with the automatic elimination of the black bar, as well as with tons of new styles of film, disc menu and a new file reproduction of movies.

Welcome the new Nero 2018 Platinum

Nero 2016 Platinum users manage a large number of files between photos, videos and music, distributed in different devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops or desks, and every day these files grow, becoming their management in a real complexity, for what the version Nero 2018 brings the option to optimize the way to organize in a personalized way all the files, using playlists of movies and television programs, to use more quickly and easily.

Thus, the streaming functions of "Play to TV" and the Nero Streaming Player application, become a very pleasant experience. This means that only the required content remains in the device and, by the way, users can save a significant part of the space. The new version of Nero Duplicate Manager Photo helps you clean files and duplicate photos quickly and cleanly. This removes certain double folders and saves those that the user provides, offering in passing recommendations on what is safe to save or delete.

What does Nero Platinum 2018 offer?

Nero Platinum 2018 provides all the features of Nero Standard 2018 and also offers high-quality results especially for video playback and editing thanks to its exclusive advanced features. So users who require a particularly high quality will see their demands quite satisfied in this version.

Movie themes

Nero 2018 brings more than 300 added effects, such as video filters and a variety of design templates and video editing. New movie themes such as family, events, travel, pets, action, etc., users have the power to automatically create movies in an impressive way and in a matter of seconds, achieving this by simply dragging their photos and videos towards the template, and customize the design and music.

The wide range of new menus for high quality video discs that this version brings, will allow you to create playback menus in the style of Hollywood.

Vertical Video

Today, the usual thing is to record videos on the smartphone in vertical orientation, but our televisions are not yet ready to play in this regard. Thinking about it, Nero 2018 brings a way for users to import, edit and adjust their vertical images using the native portrait view and the full power of multitrack editing. Or maybe just select one of the new new vertical design video templates that help users create their vertical videos automatically.

Nero BackItUp

With this feature, you can make backup copies periodically and restore your valuable data easily. You can even access and restore the backup copies created with the previous versions of Nero BackItUp, and use the free mobile application of Nero BackItUp, making a backup of your mobile data, including telephone messages wirelessly.

The free applications of Nero Mobile greatly expand the experience of using the Suite. 'Nero MediaHome WiFi Sync App' and 'Nero AirBurn App' are available for free on the App Store and Google Play Store. In addition, Windows Store users can also get 'Nero KowHow App', the Nero Learning Center. This application is fully integrated into the Nero Suite for PC when Windows 10 is used.

Price of Nero 2018 Platinum

If you are a private user, you can buy a simple license from the Nero Standard 2018 or Platinum suite at a price of € 79.95 and € 99.95 respectively. Similarly, for users of an earlier version of Nero, they have the option to update it at a very special price.

The classic Nero Burning ROM (€ 49.95), Nero MediaHome Unlimited (€ 39.95), Nero Recode (€ 39.95), and Nero Video (€ 49.95) have also been enhanced with wonderful features and can be Buy online on the website .

All mobile apps can be downloaded from the different app stores. You can get more information, download a 15-day trial version and take a look at the full range of products at We welcome your comments and insights on the new Nero 2018 Platinum, and thanks for reading!

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