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Wednesday, 29 November 2017

New artificial intelligence of Facebook prevents suicides in its users

Facebook's artificial intelligence is being used to prevent suicide among its users. From March of this year, the social network of Zuckerberg has the power to analyze the messages and comments of each user in the USA, in search of certain signals that can indicate a true potential of suicide, applying artificial intelligence. This social platform has been working for more than ten years on how to avoid suicides in its users.

New artificial intelligence from Facebook

This method of detection was released in the United States in March and only last month led to more than one hundred users being visited by emergency teams due to imminent suicide alerts. In these moments, they have decided that it is time to extend this modality of artificial intelligence to other countries, reports Reuters .

The possibility of expanding the software for the recognition of harmful behavior patterns to other countries is seriously studied, after successful tests could be carried out in the United States, where many cases in which users intended to end their lives have been detected, and happily They have managed to avoid it. It is a technique of "pattern recognition", in which you can interact with the suspected suicide and ask questions such as "Are you okay? I can help you with something?"

The details of how the tool works specifically in artificial intelligence have not been reported yet, but it is known that the positive cases found are sent to a specialized internal team for the analysis of suicidal potentiality. The system can also suggest to users or friends of users who think to end their lives, certain telephone support lines, while Facebook employees are alerting authorities to take control.

Guy Rosen, product manager of Facebook, does not detail which countries will have this service, but confirms that it will not be in the European Union due to the sensitivity of the matter.

The live broadcast: a double-edged sword.

Since Facebook launched the live video transmission, in 2016, many cases of live violence were detected, including suicides and murders, and this has represented a real headache for the company's image. Therefore, the company has focused on detecting cases like the one that occurred in April of this year, when a Thai made a live broadcast, through its Facebook social network, where he carried out an act of murder against his 11-month-old daughter and immediately committed suicide. This video was removed from the platform almost immediately. After this, Facebook has hired more than three thousand people to watch videos and different content, and be alert to any case out of the ordinary, while developing its artificial intelligence program.

It is recalled that there are more technological ways that work to intervene in the prevention of suicide, such as Google, which presents help phone numbers when certain investigations are made to indicate it.

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