NEW iOS 11.1.2 Yalu Jailbreak (GetYalu) DEBUNKED -


Thursday, 23 November 2017

NEW iOS 11.1.2 Yalu Jailbreak (GetYalu) DEBUNKED

NEW iOS 11.1.2 Yalu Jailbreak (GetYalu) DEBUNKED

In today's video, we're going to take a look a new jailbreak tutorial on YouTube, this time for iOS 11.1.2. It is apparently a #jailbreak tutorial, and of course, it is fake. Some of you have been sending me links to it for a couple days now, and it is quite astonishing how many views that video has made in only 1 week.

So the idea behind that video is simple, it claims to be Yalu Jailbreak for the newest iOS version (currently iOS 11.1.2), and you jailbreak by using their tool in Safari browser apparently. Of course, needless to say, that their tool is a total bull and won't jailbreak anything, it would at best install some junk from the App Store.

Their strategy is clear, have Yalu on the website address and in the title of the video and attract views from inexperienced jailbreakers - which seems to be working just fine considering their big amount of views. Don't watch their tutorials and don't use their website, there is no jailbreak in there. The only jailbreak currently existing for the iOS 11 is the Keenlab Jailbreak but it is kept private. You can learn more about it below.

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