NEW KeenLab iOS 11 Exploits | iOS 11 Jailbreak May Be Closer Than We Think -


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Thursday, 9 November 2017

NEW KeenLab iOS 11 Exploits | iOS 11 Jailbreak May Be Closer Than We Think

Quite some great news for those of you who did update to iOS 11.x, Keenlab has demonstrated a few days ago at a hacking contest, pwning the #iOS 11.1 on the iPhone 7. As you probably remember, #Keenlab has also managed to jailbreak iOS 11 Beta back in the Spring, and they are known security researchers. Back in April, Liang Chen of Tencent Keenlab has demonstrated the Jailbreak on iOS 10.x and iOS 11 Beta, so it is quite expected to see them pwning iOS 11.1 with no problem.

According to Security Breach Online, Keenlab has successfully hacked the iPhone 7 running iOS 11.1, and they even managed to get persistence for their hack (which is similar to an untethered jailbreak, although this isn't a jailbreak). Their exploits are apparently taking advantage of the WiFi bug and of Safari. At the contest, there was also Richard  Zhu who also managed to pwn the iPhone 7 and got Sandbox escaping and arbitrary code execution.

With all these in mind, you can see that iOS 11 is far from being safe and sound. The security on iOS 11 doesn't seem to have impressed these talented security researchers, and therefore, it is safe to assume a jailbreak for iOS 11 will exist at some point.

Many people believe that iOS 11 literally destroyed the jailbreak and there will not be a jailbreak until 2019, that is most likely not true. With all these new exploits being created and all these new bugs being found, all it takes is a person to piece them together / find what is still needed. iOS 11 is definitely not the state of the art secure iOS to put an end to the jailbreak.

Although new bugs have been found on iOS 11, I still don't recommend updating to it if you wanna #jailbreak in the future. iOS 10.x is still a better choice currently. 

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