Only happens on Android: WhatsApp fake takes 1 million downloads -


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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Only happens on Android: WhatsApp fake takes 1 million downloads

We do not get tired of saying it: in Android, large mobile phones are made but they still have their Achilles heel precisely in their operating system . It will never be so intuitive, nor will it have such an optimized and attractive design, and of course, it is light years away in terms of security. Just look at how phones with less than a year of existence are left out of the Android 8 Oreo update.

But some unsuspecting people still buy terminals with the Google operating system and in the end, they get much more expensive: their device is obsolete before and they also compromise the security of their data . There is more to see the Google Play Store and how broad apps that are a flagrant scam. The last of them all? A fake WhatsApp app that has already more than one million downloads.

According to The Hacker News, this app is called WhatsApp Messenger Update, it has an identical appearance to the original judging from the screenshots and according to the Google download platform is developed by WhatsApp Inc., as the original. No wonder so many innocent users fall into the trap!

But, how is it possible that Google allows something like this? Easy, it seems that scammers have added a Unicode character after the name "WhatsApp Inc" that has deceived both users and security barriers offered by the Google Play Store, if any.

Apparently, the app looks like a chat client similar to WhatsApp but in reality it has another goal: to double click on your ads and end up downloading malicious software .

After calling the attention of several websites that have published it, it seems that Google has withdrawn the application . But more than a million people have already infected their mobile phones.

Via | BGR 

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