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Sunday, 19 November 2017

Phoenix II, an amazing arcade game for iPhone and iPad

The large number of games offered by Apple's app store , the App Store makes it difficult for us to choose which game to recommend. Since we have not brought an arcade game for a long time where missions have another dimension, we decided to talk a bit about Phoenix II .

What is it about?

Phoenix II is a game of ships with powerful graphics and where the action is fully assured. Your mission is to defeat the enemies without getting hurt. What we like about Phoenix II is that every 24 hours a new mission is generated , so that all players can do that same mission every day and can share their scores online. Interactivity everywhere


You quickly get used to the mechanics of it, although you must be careful with one aspect: it dies easily, any touch leaves you literally "touched" . So get ready to die because any mistake turns you into star dust.

The game begins with a brief tutorial where the explanations are given to successfully undertake the missions, or incursions, as they are called in the game.

One thing we like about the game is that it uses the 3D Touch to activate the "Aura", a shield that helps protect you from enemy projectiles . It is a simple game, which does not require many explanations, just to get through the attacks of the enemy ships, dodge the projectiles and overcome the raids.

Each mission that you will overcome will provide you with coins with which you can get improvements in the different ships. You know, as you progress you are getting more lethal ships . Although logically the missions are increasingly complex.

Good point, a very eighties music that accompanies , because when you're playing you seem to go back almost 30 years, and we do not say it as a negative criticism, the other way around.

In short, an entertaining game, easy to play (not to beat) and with the addition of having different missions every day . Do not hesitate and download it, requires internet connection to play and eager to be the master of the raids.
Phoenix II
Phoenix II

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