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Sunday, 26 November 2017

PodPocket, the best accessory to not lose your AirPods

Those of us who have AirPods live with constant fear, losing them. And we are not talking about losing one, but the complete pack , including the box. That cold sweat that runs through your back when you do not locate them can have their days counted thanks to an accessory.

This nice device is called PodPocket and is a silicone case with a hook that allows you to keep AirPods under control , come on, it will not be easy for you to lose sight of them.

The PodPocket is designed for Apple AirPods, those who appreciate both in form and functionality. The case is perfectly molded and made with high quality silicone to provide a secure fit for AirPods .

The PodPocket design perfectly complements the aesthetics of the Apple firm. It comes with a latch so that it can be attached to a bag, backpack or key ring , and thanks to the open access along the bottom, it is allowed to load while the AirPods are still in the PodPocket.

This nice case has been created to protect, give security and a different style . They are a small investment to protect your AirPods.

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The AirPods were a sensation in terms of design and at the time of their departure the same thing happened with the iPhone X , their delay to get them arrived at 6 weeks .

After some hesitant beginnings, not in terms of sales, but in what refers to the proposal itself, AirPods have earned in their own right a place among the wearables that we must have. Its autonomy, manageability, comfort and audio quality have made the AirPods a very sweet accessory.

Now you will have no excuse for your wireless headphones are not protected , with PodPocket is possible for a small fee.

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