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Saturday, 4 November 2017

Problems in the iPhone X: is the screen too blue?

After more than a month of waiting since its official announcement during the keynote of September 12, the iPhone X has already reached the hands of the public. And this is without a doubt the great hour of truth for the best smartphone of all time (to date). It is the most powerful, the newest, the fastest ... but it is far from perfect. For starters, we do not know how users will adapt to the gestures of the new iPhone X. Likewise, we still have some fear towards facial recognition and the permissions of the apps that will manage our face . And one more thing is added to the list: is the iPhone X screen too blue?

It has happened to the Google flagship, the Goole Pixel 2 XL , and it has been a tragedy. Although, in addition to that particular blue hue, in the case of Mountain View its display has a regulero brightness, it burns easily and in short, has a screen of poor quality for what is expected from a top of range.

With the iPhone X, Apple leaves the Retina by OLED technology and we have seen that despite being new to the subject, its display is up to both Samsung Note8 and Pixel 2, even going beyond them in various aspects of image quality But the iPhone X also falls in the same: the blue of the screen .

The problem of OLED screens and bluish

There is no mobile phone with OLED technology that does not sin of the same: if you look at it from the front, everything is perfect. But the moment you look at it with a certain angle, a blue tint and a lower brightness will considerably reduce the quality of vision. The iPhone X may solve something better, but you will see blue yes or yes .

But what is said, could be worse: both the Google Pixel 2 XL and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 also do it, only in the case of the iPhone X you have to turn the phone to reach an extreme inclination , while in Android terminals gives more cante.

Anyway it is not a problem of Apple , but the OLED technology itself. What happens is that the iPhone X and its facial recognition will allow access to the terminal from different angles with just a glance, and perhaps users will perceive it more.

Without a doubt, this is not an argument for not buying it, but if you want crisp and perfect colors from anywhere , the iPhone 8 is your terminal.

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