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Friday, 3 November 2017

Put your iPhone X beautiful with these apps and free games

Since today is the premiere day and many of you and you will be touching your new iPhone X , we have explored the iOS App Store in search of the best free apps for iPhone, iPad . And we have found them!

The selection of free applications for iPhone and iPad today is very varied and with some chollazo. You will find apps and games of all kinds. Are you going to lose them? Surely not, so let's go with our selection.


Afterlight is the perfect image editing application for quick and direct editing. The simple design, along with powerful and agile tools, will give you the look you want in seconds.


Use any of our 15 unique adjustment tools to improve your images perfectly with ease.


Afterlight has 31 fully adjustable original filters, 14 filters invited by several Instagram users, 18 Seasons filters and the new Wander package that includes 16 filters. Now it includes the new Fusion filters, which allow you to mix tools, filters and textures to create your own personal filters.


Afterlight includes a range of natural and real light leaks that we create with 35mm film and instant film, even scratchy and simplistic film textures.

SafeRide / WalkSafe

SafeRide / WalkSafe is a travel safety application designed to give you peace of mind, especially when traveling alone . You can feel safe with SafeRide / WalkSafe when you take a taxi, use a carpool service like Uber or Lyft, or walk alone at night.

SafeRide / WalkSafe is a non-subscription service that works as an alert system. When in use, the application can contact the people of your choice to inform them of your location and if it does not reach its destination safely.

Flight Unlimited 2K16 - Flight Simulator

It crosses the beautiful skies of San Francisco Bay, Las Vegas and Switzerland, in Flight Unlimited 2K16. Flight Unlimited uses advanced transmission technology to provide some of the best visual effects in mobile gaming.

The HD scenario is the first in the mobile flight simulation and covers an area more than 10 times larger than its predecessor. The landscape is so detailed that you can even find your home .Perform missions such as the rescue of a prisoner of Alcatraz, surveillance B2 Bomber on the Swiss Alps, the landing of a Cessna plane on the Golden Gate Bridge, and much more.

With more than two years in development, Flight Unlimited has been redesigned from scratch. The flight model was developed by an aviation expert. Play that costs almost 10 euros today for free!

Vocabulary - Learn New Words

You are studying English? Are you looking for tips to improve your vocabulary? Whether you try to strengthen and expand your vocabulary for personal growth, the key is the commitment to learn new words regularly.

Why expand your knowledge and use of words? You can communicate (speaking and writing) more clearly and concisely, people will understand you more easily and you will increase the perception and reality that you are an intelligent person. Also, learning new words is a fun activity, and can even be done with the people around you.

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