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Friday, 17 November 2017

Renew your way of traveling with BYHOURS

In the current market you have to renew or die, to apply this ancestral law you simply have to know the users. Be one of them and ask yourself how you want things to be done. When we travel we like to try everything the city or cities can offer us. What better than not having to book the hotel all day .

BYHOURS wants to give you that possibility, book by packs of hours your stay in the hotels and enjoy a totally new experience. Its renewed application for iPhone allows you to make reservations as easily as possible.

Book for hours, travel as much as you want

Many users like to visit more than one area of ​​the city, with BYHOURS not only this is possible, but you can change your mind until one day before the reservation date , without cancellation or additional charges.

    A new way of understanding hotels

Many hotels share this method

Like any new idea, for it to work it is necessary for companies to be interested and BYHOURS has achieved a huge portfolio of clients all over the world , more than 2,500 hotels, which make this way of traveling possible. The best thing of all is that you can make use of all the hotel services as a client, because access to the facilities, swimming pool, spa, gym, terrace, is included in the price!

But this idea is not only for those who want to travel differently, if you've been lying at the airport for a few hours , or if you're going to stop for several hours in another country. What's better than doing it in a hotel bed or in your pool?

How do I do it?

If you want to reserve a micro-station with BYHOURS, doing so is very simple:

    Choose the destination city.
    Choose the hotel that you like the most.
    Choose one of the three possible packs of hours: 3h, 6h or 12h. According to your needs.
    Choose the time of entry to the hotel

And that's it! You have already booked your room at your favorite hotel.
BYHOURS: Hotel por Horas
BYHOURS: Hotel por Horas

The application has a nice and flat design that puts everything at your fingertips. You will not have to search much to make your reservation, or look for hotels, you will be explained the steps that must be taken and you can contact them at any time . To create a great platform, you need a great app.

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