Samsung makes better screens for the iPhone X than for the Note8 -


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Friday, 3 November 2017

Samsung makes better screens for the iPhone X than for the Note8

The iPhone X is more and more close to our hands , in fact, it is only one day away from its worldwide launch. Tomorrow all the users who went to the pre-reservation and all those who have queued since September, you can enjoy your new and shiny iPhone X.

One of the best devices of this year , can not have another screen that the best of the year. Its manufacturer Samsung has decided to give Apple the best of its screens, surpassing that of its own high-end device: note 8.

The comparisons are odious, they tell Samsung

In a comparison made with the iPhone X, Galaxy Note 8 and Pixel 2 XL, we can see how Apple's terminal screen breaks records and leaves its rivals in diapers.


While the Google device can reach 438 nits and the Samsung scarce 408 nits, the Apple reaches a whopping 574 nits , careful to put it to the maximum at night that you can make your retina suffer. In the comparison itself, it is emphasized that the brightness of the screen is important in OLED panels, since they tend to be fainter.

Accuracy of color and saturation

In this aspect the three terminals show their strengths and weaknesses. Being able to discern clearly between each of them, having very different results : the iPhone X wins the battle having very balanced levels; Note 8 has very high saturation levels that border on the unreal and the Pixel 2 XL looks, too, for realism.

White balance

Finally the True Tone Display comes out in this comparison, and is that its ability to adapt allows whites to look whiter depending on what situation . Obtaining an enviable adaptability.

Viewing angles

When we thought that the viewing angles were off the boards, they re-enter with the loss of color : Apple has managed to correct it and get the deformation of the image is minimal, compared to the slight green of Note 8 and a little better than those of Pixel 2 XL.

As you can see this comparison of titans does not find big differences , they are all high-end, but if it denotes that Apple works all the small details and makes it clear who cares more to make the best device.

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