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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Samsung's new ad is an ode to the iPhone

The iPhone X is sweeping and that is something that is doing a lot of damage to the competition. That is, that on the one hand Google and Samsung are happy because they are also benefited, but on the other that Apple again surprise with innovative technologies that work well (no one says what the facial recognition was Android in 2012 because even the Samsung Galaxy S8 can be trolled with a photo ) and that is on everyone's lips, annoying and a lot. So, it's no wonder Samsung's new ad: an ode to the iPhone .

I'm looking at the WTF face, but how is Samsung going to promote its main rival in an ad? That makes no sense! Who would spend their time and money promoting the competition? Well the Koreans, who do not seem to have much to say about their phones apart from messing with Apple .

And in the new Samsung commercial we see a guy who has been Apple's fanboy for a lifetime and the only thing that occurs is to talk about the weaknesses of the iPhone throughout his life journey: that he had a limited capacity and that therefore you could run out of storage space, that has not been waterproof until the iPhone 7, that removed the Jack connection with the iPhone X, that there was no wireless charge until 2017, the peculiar design of the iPhone X ... even until there are queues to buy the iPhone X seems to bother Samsung!

So after years of supporting an iPhone, in the end the boy listens to his girlfriend and moves on to Samsung. How nice, if true! I mean, of course, the examples Samsung gives in the ad are true. But how few people change an iPhone for a Samsung IN REAL LIFE .

What deliberately obviates Samsung's announcement is the exquisite design of the iPhone, which was the first to create that concept without buttons, that intuitiveness in its handling, the security of iOS ... come on, that the iPhone will have those failures, but that is Samsung the one that drag a long history of litigation to copy to Apple.

In any case, can anyone imagine making an announcement about Samsung? The explosiveness of his Note7, the continuous lags, how easy it is to troll his facial recognition, his mediocre integration of the fingerprint sensor ... No, Apple does not need to make an announcement about Samsung , indeed, does not even need to talk of Koreans to cover covers. Do not even do campaigns giving them on a plane.

Via | 9to5Mac 

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