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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

See what the iPhone X camera is capable of

Travel photographer Austin Mann may take a while to learn how to work with the new iPhone X without a start button. However, it did not take him any time to be dazzled by the flagship phone as a camera .

A few weeks after sharing his impressions of the iPhone 8 Plus while filming in India, Mann has posted his observations on the use of the iPhone X while on a mission in Guatemala.

The condensed version of the story is this: fresh, fast and beautiful.

" For me, I think it's safe to say that this iPhone X update is the most exciting phone update I've experienced since I switched from my Blackberry 7230 to the original iPhone in 2007 ," Mann said on his website, a very recurring resource. for iPhone users who want to learn how to make better photos.

" After being conditioned to a constant update cycle with a radically new iPhone design every two years, the last four years have felt a bit unchanged ." " The iPhone X is the most radical change we've seen since the introduction of the Plus series, and maybe never ."

That is reflected in the ranks of people camped in front of Apple stores last Friday, a show that had vanished with the latest new products.

Even more now they will cry out thanks to the first criticisms that, like the feelings of Mann, sang praises for the innovation that had been delayed and that is a great inverted good.

If iPhone photographers are still on the lookout for an update, Mann's review can push them to experiment with the new iPhone . This is what Mann liked about the iPhone X.


Shooting with one hand with the iPhone X is "more agile and discreet" thanks to a size that is between the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus . The screen extends from edge to edge making it actually three tenths of an inch larger than the screen on the iPhone 8 Plus.
Significant improvement to the telephoto lens

The telephoto lens, introduced for the first time on the iPhone 7 Plus, has a wider aperture to let in more light and, for the first time, has image stabilization.

" The fastest telephoto lens affects everything filmed in 2X, including the time lapses, " he said. " I really like to record shots of time that fade from sunset to night, but they often become unusually loud towards the end ."
Faster portrait mode

The f / 2.4 telephoto lens and image stabilization help the response time for vertical mode, especially in low light, Mann said. Austin found less risk of motion blur and minimal noise thanks to the fast f-stop on the 52mm lens.

Dolby vision

This unappreciated change in the iPhone caught Mann's attention as it should be for everyone. Dolby Vision, he wrote, uses metadata to automatically optimize the image for each screen . This means brighter colors, richer blacks and gives iPhone photographers the assurance that their work will render correctly regardless of the screen.

" I'm still adapting to its new interface, " said Mann, " but the size is right, the screen is ideal for sharing photos and the improvements in the telephoto lens make it a piece of cake ."

Via | cultofmac 

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