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Saturday, 18 November 2017

Sell ​​your iPhone, iPad or Mac easily, quickly and without fear

All of us who are users of Apple products buy these products for different characteristics. Design, durability, functionality or stability can be several of these factors. Throughout the life of these devices, there are many satisfactions that give us , although at some point we want to upgrade to a device with superior features, or we have simply become bored with it.

When selling our Apple device, whether it's an iPhone, an iPad or a Mac, we must follow some guidelines so that our reputation is beyond doubt, in addition to this we will get the maximum benefit from the transaction .

First, you must start from the premise that you have a product of a top brand, which will always have an avid market for purchases . Come on, if for example you have an iPhone or an Apple Watch it will cost you very little to give you an exit.

The most advisable option is to visit mResell , where in an easy and comfortable way you will get the best valuation for the Apple device you want to sell. Your system is very fair, because by entering the serial number or IMEI and answering some questions about it, you will get the best valuation of the market and that is fair for both parties.

In addition to picking up the device by courier at your home, they are responsible for deleting data from it, comfort and security guaranteed from minute 1 . And best of all, in just 5 business days you will have the money agreed upon in your hands. Better and easier impossible!

 Also, if you have one of the devices that we detail and you want to sell it, you are in luck, you have an extra and succulent extra for the following products.

    6% more for your iPhone 6, iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus
    10% more for your MacBook Pro 15 "and MacBook Pro Retina 15"
    10% extra for your 13 '' and 11 '' MacBook Air
    Additional 12% for your MacBook Pro 13 '' and MacBook Pro Retina 13 ''

Remember, mResell avoids unnecessary dizzy, haggling or unserious people, because the professionalism shown in 11 European countries through this website makes it a guarantee for you that you want to sell your Apple product.

And since it does not hurt, we give you some tips so you always get the best rating.
Pamper your device

It is much easier to sell a product that is in perfect condition than another that has not been taken care of. To do this, protect it properly with protective covers, they will avoid unwanted scratching and, therefore, a lower valuation.

Always keep accessories

In certain occasions you use the accessories of a previous device, if you are not going to use your headphones or charger, leave them sealed. You will give a good image to anyone who wants to buy it and your valuation for that product will be greater.
If there is a defect, remember it

Your reputation at the time of selling will be high level if you act honestly. You must inform if you have or do not invoice, if the device is under warranty or if it has been repaired. Do not try to minimize any tare you have, be it a tap or a crack. Let your frankness be your cover letter , only that way you will have a top rating!

So do not think more and go to the best to get a fair, realistic and very beneficial for you. And all without leaving home! Take advantage of this month's promotion and get an extra extra percentage for your iPhone 6 and 6S, MacBook Pro and Retina 13 and 15 inches, and MacBook Air 11 and 13 inches.

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