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Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Spend 1300 euros on the iPhone?

During the summer there were many rumors about the prices of the new iPhone. Although Apple has already overcome the psychological barrier of 1000 euros last year with its iPhone 7 Plus model of greater capacity, much was guessing about what would be the roof of the new terminals of Californians.

On September 12 the mystery was unveiled, the iPhone X with the lowest capacity passed 1100 euros and 256 GB, exceeded 1300 . If we compare the minimum interprofessional salary in Spain, which this year 2017 is a meager 707 euros , we would have to work two full months and devote those full salaries to buy an iPhone X 256 GB.

The debate is therefore on the table. How can a phone cost that barbarity ? But if there are 200 euros phones that make fantastic pictures! My Xiaomi does what yours does for half the price! Phrases like these are used to listening to them.

Starting from the premise that everyone spends their money as they want and what they want , if you have the possibility of being able to pay for an iPhone of that price, no one should tell you not to do it. We can say that our mobile phones are, without risk of error, the electronic device with which you spend more hours a day . It's been a long time since they stopped being phones to become mini-computers.

In them you integrate your audio player, photo camera, voice recorder, calendar, calendar, GPS navigator, video camera, internet connection ... What can you take on a simpler phone? Of course, just as you can travel from one end of the country to another in both a Dacia Sandero and a Bentley.

An Apple product, whatever it is, has many hours behind engineering, R & D, testing and testing , which added to being a gear of high-level pieces with powerful materials, good finishes or ergonomics applied to the user, make them have a high price Buy an iPhone is to buy quality contrasted. You may like it or not, maybe iOS is not for you or you prefer other systems or you need a phone with other features.

Is it worth spending 1300 euros on an iPhone? Maybe not , since doing it to send WhatsApp messages and playing Candy Crash is absurd . If you are someone who squeezes your terminals, configures them to your liking, makes use of each of your tools, knows useful applications, uses it for leisure as well as for work, and if necessary, uses an impeccable SAT, the idea is not It is crazy.

Everyone who works accordingly, I wish they were more economical but we already know how crazy it can be to pay 1300 euros for an iPhone X as 1010 for a Samsug Galaxy Note 8.

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