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Monday, 27 November 2017

The 10 most useful features that Siri will do for you

Siri , the virtual assistant of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, allows iOS users to perform all kinds of actions . Actions that make our life much more comfortable and, at times, more productive.

In this article we will share the 10 most useful Siri functions for iPhone and iPad . Let's face it, it's much more convenient to ask Siri to turn on the light of the living room lamp from the sofa than to do it ourselves ...

The 10 most useful voice commands from Siri

1. Messages

Siri is able to send any text message you want to specific contacts, as long as they are in your calendar. In addition, it has integration in applications such as WhatsApp and has the ability to write spelling.

Voice command: Write a message [here your message] to [name of contact].

2. Alarms

How lazy to set the alarm when you are so sleepy ...! Therefore, one of the most useful features of Siri is to set the alarm at the time you want , from the comfort of your bed and without moving a finger, with "Hey Siri".

Voice Command: Hey Siri, set the alarm [day] at [hour] in the morning, afternoon or evening.

3. Sports

You can check the calendar, the results and even the classification of the Football League with Siri. In addition, you can also ask for information about other sports such as basketball, hockey, baseball ...

Voice command: How is the league classification going?

4. Meteorology

Siri also allows to know all the meteorological information of every day of the week: temperature, probability of rain ...

Voice Command: What time are you going to do this weekend?

5. Reminders

Undoubtedly, one of the most useful functions is to set reminders with notification . Ideal for your tastiest cooking recipes ...

Voice command: Remind me [action] within [time].

6. Movies and series

Siri has a large amount of information about multimedia content. He is able to recommend you the best Netflix series , the movies starring Denzel Washington and much more. You can even buy them!

Voice Command: Recommend me the best Netflix movies.

7. Screen brightness

You can also increase or decrease the brightness of the screen of your iPhone and / or iPad.

Voice command: Can you lower / raise the brightness of the screen please?

8. Connectivity

After the release of iOS 11 it is impossible to completely turn off Wi-Fi connectivity . But you can do it quickly thanks to Siri.

Voice command: Hey Siri! Turn off Wi-Fi

9. HomeKit

Siri has full access to all your home automation accessories compatible with HomeKit . So, the virtual assistant of iOS can turn on the lights, turn off the fan, lower the blinds and even make a good coffee.

Voice Command: Turn on the living room light, Siri.

10. Premises

Finally, you can also ask Siri about the nearest stores: pizzerias, Chinese restaurants, technology stores, supermarkets ...

Voice Command: Is there a pizza place nearby?

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