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Thursday, 9 November 2017

The 3 WhatsApp things that you still did not know could be done

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app , so much so that its existence transcends from being a communication tool to much more, almost a social network thanks to the states, the groups, the profile picture, etc.

The app owned by Mark Zuckerberg makes innovation his hallmark, so it's no wonder that every little while he surprises us with such useful new features as real-time location or the possibility of deleting sent messages ... although on WhatsApp norm we will have 7 minutes, we have discovered a trick to be able to eliminate messages sent up to a week before .

But there is another series of functions that have gone unnoticed by many users and that are tremendously useful. Do not miss them!
Download the profile picture of the contacts

Maybe you already knew that since a few months it is possible to expand the profile picture of our contacts. So if you're a little gossip, you're in luck. For this you only have to click on the photo while you are in a chat with that person to see it.

But you can also download it . How to do it? Click on the share button and you will see a menu where you can save the image or copy it wherever you want.
Shortcuts to many functions

The use of WhatsApp is quite intuitive, but if you made use of the shortcuts that the application has configured , it would be even more so. And you can access the camera, a new chat or favorite messages in a much simpler way than you think.

How to do it? When you are on the screen of your iPhone, simply click on the icon of the application using the 3D Touch . You will see a menu that allows you to do all this in one step.
Switch from voice calls to video calls without interruptions

This is probably the best of the three functions that you probably did not know about . If you are ever in the middle of a chat, either in a video call or voice call and want to jump to another type of call, we just have to hang up and call again. What a roll!

But now you can go from one call to another without having to cut the conversation, simply with a single touch on the menu on the screen .

Did you know these unpopular features among WhatsApp users?

Via | Andro4All 

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