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Thursday, 30 November 2017

The 6 gadgets from Apple that were a resounding failure

Apple is a company known worldwide for its great success in the technology market and for having one of the best business marketing teams in history. However it was not always so…

The company of the bitten apple does not turn everything it touches into gold, it is true that it collects good ideas and transforms them (usually) into something better . But it has also failed to launch many of its products.

In this article we will gather the 6 Apple products that have turned out to be a real failure . Many of them will surprise you! Besides ... today they can cost a good fortune.

Newton MessagePad 

The Apple Newton was the company's first attempt to create a mobile device. But it never met Apple's expectations. However, it was a brilliant device, technologically speaking, for its time. This personal data assistant had a touch screen capable of recognizing the users' writing and used artificial intelligence to recognize specific phrases.

G4 Cube 

The G4 Cube was developed to compete with the towers of the PCs at the time. It was a 7 x 7 inch cube with a transparent base. It had a fascinating ventilation system. Despite being a "super computer", as Apple presumed, it disappeared a year after its launch.

Macintosh of the 20th anniversary 

The Macintosh of the 20th anniversary was introduced in 1997, 20 years after the founding of Apple. It cost $ 9,000 and was the first Mac with a flat screen. It had an FM and TV radio system, a sound system designed by Bose and, as they say, they were delivered at home ... in a limousine! For real!

Macintosh TV 

The Mac TV was a strange hybrid between a Mac Performa 520 and a Sony Trinitron CRT TV. The idea was to extend the functions of the Mac to connect to a VCR or a game console for entertainment. But it did not succeed.

eMate 300 

Do you think that Microsoft invented tablet-PCs ...? No joke! Apple already had them in 1997 ... although, yes, they were a bit rudimentary ... And very ugly! The eMate 300 was a portable device with a touch screen and with the Newton PDA operating system. It cost 799 dollars and was one of the cheapest computers from Apple.

iPod Hi-Fi 

The iPod Hi-Fi was a kind of predecessor of the new HomePod . A speaker base for the iPod that was presented by Steve Jobs himself. It cost 349 dollars. Yes, exactly the same price as the HomePod. It had a very visual design, and good hardware, but did not have much impact on the market.

Source | Cult of Mac 

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